1. Qualified and Experienced Staff
The college has adequate, qualified, experienced faculty members and some of them have more than two decades of teaching experience. The newly appointed faculty members are being given regular training and they are exposed to various programmes held in the college and in other institutions to enhance their teaching ability. Their performance is being evaluated and monitored at the end of every semester.
2. Excellent Teaching-Learning facilities
Well furnished class rooms with modern facilities, A.V. Room, Seminar Hall with Smart Boards and other ICT-enabled Learning Centres. In each department has a computer with Internet facility to provide a coducive ambience for learning and research.
3. Scholarships and Fee Concession
All Scholarships and fee concessions are subject to good conduct, regular attendance and satisfactory progress.
Following are the various scholarship and fee concessions available to the student of the college according to Govt. rules.

  1. Govt. of India Merit Scholarship to Minority Students
  2. Govt. of India Post-Metric Scholarship to S.C. and S.T.
  3. Govt. of India Service Personnel Scholarship.
  4. Govt. of India Ex-Servicemen Scholarship.
  5. Govt. of India Political Sufferers Scholarship.
  6. Scholarship for the Children of Beedi Workers Labour Welfare Fund.
  7. Govt. of India Physically Handicapped Scholarship.
  8. National Scholarships to the children of Teachers.
  9. Fee Concessions.
  10. Incentives to Minority Students.
4. Remedial coaching
Each examination result is analysed and categorized as Advanced Learners(>70%), Medium Learners (50% – 70%) and Slow Learners(<50%). Compulsory remedial coaching is given to slow Learners.
5. Mentoring System
This system has been introduced to establish a better and effective student-teacher relationship and guide the students in Academic matters.

  1. All teachers work as Mentors to the students allotted to them. Students will have to go and meet their Mentor at least once in a month for guidance. The students must feel free to confide in their Mentors, their Academic problems.
  2. The students will have to meet the Mentors when they are called for.
  3. The students should take the prior permission of the Mentor before they absent themselves from classes. They have to submit a leave note for the absence for a period / days / days to the Mentor. The condemnation of shortage of attendance will be recommended on the basis of leave records and recommendation of mentor.
  4. The mentor will note the performance of the students in tests and examination and also the behaviour of their wards.
  5. The Principal will recommend the name of the student for Fee Concessions, Free ships, Free Mid Day meal and for Annual and public examinations, on the basis of the reports of mentor.
6. Free Mid-day meal scheme
There is a College Canteen for the benefit of students on the campus. With the contribution of the staff members and the donors subsidized mid-day meal scheme has been started for the benefit of economically backward and deserving students.
7. Photocopying Facility
A photocopying facility is available for the students and staff.