The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology was started with the establishment of the college in 1979.  At the time of its establishment the college was affiliated to Mysore University.  The Department of Ancient History and archaeology has the rare credit of being the second such Department started in a Degree college affiliated to Mysore University, other than the one which was already in existence in the University College at Mysore.  Moodbidri being a historical and cultural center, the founders of the college thought it fit to open a department of Ancient History and Archaeology in which the students are taught the subjects related exclusively to Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.  Sri Dhavala College was the first college to introduce this subject among the colleges of Mangalore University to which the college came to be affiliated in 1982.  The papers offered for study in this subject give to students an insight into various aspects of ancient Indian history, culture, epigraphy, numismatics and archaeology.  At present there are only five colleges, including our college, in the Mangalore University area, where Ancient History and Archaeology is offered as a subject in the B.A. Degree Course.

Papers offered for Study

From the year 2006-07, Mangalore University is following Credit Based Semester System and therefore, for B.A. Course the Papers are divided Semester-wise. The Department of Ancient History & Archaeology has the following papers for different Semesters of B.A degree classes.

Bachelor of Arts – Credit Based Semester Scheme

Sl.No. Paper Semester Marks
Internal Assessment University Examination Total Marks
1 History & culture of India to 600 A.D I Semester 30 120 150
2 History & culture of India 600 A.D-1526 A.D II Semester 30 120 150
3 History & culture of India 1526 A.D-1856 A.D III Semester 30 120 150
4 History & culture of India 1856 A.D-1947 A.D IV Semester 30 120 150
5 Archaeology: Theory, Methods & Practice V Semester 30 120 150
6 Archaeology in India V Semester 30 120 150
7 Indian Epigraphy VI Semester 30 120 150
8 Indian Numismatics VI Semester 30 120 150