Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)
I Semester II Semester
I Language : Com. English & Gen. Proficiency I Language : Com. English & Gen. Proficiency
II Language : Kannada / Hindi II Language : Kannada / Hindi
Principles of Economics Managerial Economics
Principles of Management Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
Accounting I Accounting II
Business Organisation Managerial Communication
III Semester IV Semester
Business Mathematics Business Statistics
Business Economics Modern Banking Management
Commercial Law Financial Management
Marketing Management Computer Applications in Management
Income Tax Human Resource Management
Corporate Accounting I Corporate Accounting II
V Semester IV Semester
Organisational Behaviour Company Law
Project Management Investment Management
Export Management Cost & Management Accounting
Cost Accounting Auditing / Project work
Elective subjects Elective subjects
Advanced Human Resource Management I Advanced Human Resource Management II
Advanced Financial Management I Advanced Financial Management II