Fine Arts Association

Category Description
History In 1979 Fine Arts Association was started in our college.
No.Of.Students 71  students
Aims and Objectives
  • To impart knowledge art and culture among the students.
  • To develop cultural awareness by making the students understand the importance of the art and culture by organizing various cultural/spiritual programme
  • To encourage students to participate in cultural competitions thoroughly, get acquainted with its contents and find out its relevance to their practical life.
  • To equip them with necessary inputs needed in the present job market and make them worthy of living in the modern world.
  • To create competitive abilities through training and other stage performance activities
  • To inculcate social values and ethical standards among the students through participating various cultural fests and programme.
  • To make the best use of available resource inputs in the campus for the improvement of their talents and abilities.
  • To make them better citizens by understanding their social, civil, moral and ethical responsibilities.
  • Divide the members into groups and arrange training programme by experts.
  • Organising inter class completions on various topics of art and culture
  • Deputing the students to various colleges to participate in competitions and programme.
  • Organising Guest lectures on art and culture by professionals
  • Field /study tours to historical places will be conducted.
  • Encouraging the habit of writing/collecting Articles related to the subject of art and culture.
  • Continuous student evaluation will be made through informal interactions.