Internal Quality Assurance CellĀ (IQAC)

The institution has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the year 2004 to monitor the internal quality through curriculum, teaching-learning process and students support services.

Functions of IQAC:

  • IQAC prepares the calendar of events for the entire academic year which includes the plans to improve the teaching.
  • IQAC attends the meeting of each department while preparing plan for teaching and learning.
  • IQAC interacts with the faculty members and gives suggestions to improve teaching learning process.
  • Plan of action prepared by the department, is submitted to IQAC for its approval. IQAC gives its suggestions for its improvement.
  • IQAC monitors teaching learning process periodically.
  • IQAC prepares AQAR.
  • IQAC receives the report of activities from each department related to teaching learning activities and recommends suggestions for improvements at the end of each academic year.
  • IQAC collects feedback from students with regard to teaching-learning process of each Department.
  • On the basis of feedback, IQAC recommends measures for improvements.
  • For the enhancement of teaching skills, IQAC suggests staff enrichment programmes.
  • Induction programme is conducted by the IQAC for the new recruits to imbibe teaching skills.
  • IQAC encourages the students and staff to conduct seminars, workshops, conferences which are also a part of teaching-learning process.
  • IQAC encourages participating and presenting papers in national and international seminars.
  • IQAC motivates the staff members and students to use ICT in the process of teaching and learning.
  • IQAC recommends the management to install the latest technology required for teaching and learning.
  • IQAC creates a conducive atmosphere in the college campus required for quality teaching and learning.