Students’ Council has been in existence in the college since its inception in 1979. Students of the final year who have cleared all the lower exams are eligible to contest for the various posts. Elections are held for the posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Secretary of Fine Arts Association. Rules and regulations with regard to the Students’ Council are revised from time to time, as per the need of the hour. Sri. Praveen C Kulkarni, Dept. of Computer Applications and Sri. Santhosh, Department of Foundation Course are the staff-in-charge of the Students’ Council.

– To develop leadership qualities in students.
– To create a democratic environment on the campus.
– To encourage students to be involved in constructive activities.

   Election to the various posts of the Students’ Council was held on 06.07.2018. 
   The following students were elected for the various posts:
President Pradeep M, III B.Com(B) 
Vice-President Ajay Arun Fernandes, III B.A.
Secretary – H.S.Deekshith, II B.Com. (B)
Joint Secretary – Jerin, III B.Com. (A) 
Fine Arts Association – Secretary – Floyd Manuel D’Souza, III B.Com (A) .
Fine Arts Association – Joint Secretary – Sushmitha S Kunder, II B.Com.(C) has been unanimously elected for the post of Joint Secretary of Fine Arts Association